Healthcare Provider Management Services

Experienced. Transparent. Aligned.

Cohesive and efficient care is essential to meeting the increasing demands for quality, accountability and value-based care. Integrated Care Physicians (ICP) provides exceptional managerial expertise to develop and support highly- functional, collaborative teams within emergency medicine, hospital medicine and critical care.

Business Expertise That Supports Clinical Excellence

A proficient business operation provides a strong foundation for exceptional patient care. With proper management and leadership, talented and compassionate physicians join your team, and clinical departments realize improvements in throughput, process management and overall quality in patient care.

Smaller, independent groups often lack the resources to successfully manage staffing and departmental challenges. Large national groups may not be focused on the unique needs of your practice or hospital system. As a strong regional organization, ICP delivers meaningful outcomes with an exceptional transparency you will appreciate. Our growing list of client facilities in multiple states can attest to ICP’s reliability, performance and refreshing approach.

An Accomplished Management Team

ICP supports your hospital with knowledgeable, experienced and accomplished leaders who have held executive and operational roles at several of the largest organizations in the industry. Our team consists of talented business and operations professionals with decades of practical industry experience. Every hospital faces unique challenges. ICP arms your teams and departments with decision-makers who can immediately address your needs with comprehensive and flexible solutions.

Transparency in Healthcare Management

While others may tout transparency, ICP shares the complete financial proforma in real time. Decisions are made collaboratively with administrative teams. Further, ICP’s lean operational overhead and expertise eliminate many of the unnecessary costs often associated with the larger groups.

Value and Results

  • Improved throughout and process flow management

  • Improved interaction and engagement with other medical specialty providers, hospital leadership and staff

  • Teamwork, confidence and communication

  • Cost of care strategies with measurable, meaningful outcomes

  • Improved patient experience and HCAHPS scores

  • Alignment of physicians with incentive programs created in collaboration with hospitals

  • Financial proformas with transparent real-time discussions

Frequently asked questions

Established in August 2017, ICP provides uncompromised service at a better value. One of the benefits of working with ICP is that groups receive service that’s on par with the larger national players at a fraction of the price. Hospitals choose ICP when a transparent and cost-effective relationship is vitally important to their budget and competitive position in the local market. ICP brings savings through cost of care strategies with measurable, meaningful outcomes with transparency on financial metrics from both a cost and revenue standpoint.

The company delivers unrivaled clinical and operational leadership as well as administrative support. ICP works with hospitals and providers to develop operational refinement and lean methodologies allowing caregivers and hospitals the ability to focus on providing the best care to their patients.

ICP has assembled a collaborative management team consisting of talented business and operations professionals with decades of practical industry experience. These knowledgeable, experienced and accomplished leaders have held executive and operational roles at several of the largest organizations in the healthcare industry including outsourcing groups in emergency medicine, hospital medicine and specialty care.

The Chief Executive Officer of ICP is Dr. Terry R. Meadows. Dr. Meadows has numerous years of experience as a board-certified emergency medicine physician and a strong history of leadership within development and operations in the specialty provider space. To learn more about Dr. Meadows and the entire management team at ICP, visit our Team page.

ICP collaborates with hospital leadership to ascertain the immediate and future provider needs. We develop and engage candidate pipelines, create online marketing for physician job boards, develop direct mail and email campaigns to targeted EM, IM and FP physicians with emergency medicine experience and launch social media campaigns such as postings on LinkedIn, Doximity and others. ICP believes that each facility is unique. As such, ICP works with our hospital partners as it relates to development of marketing materials. We then pursue multiple appropriate avenues to attract providers.

ICP typically utilizes an independent contractor model for clinical work and an employment arrangement with medical directors, however ICP does not mandate whether a group is employed or independent contractor status.  ICP executives also have experience with lease-back arrangements.

It is worth noting that ICP does not include any non-competes with providers and will allow them to maintain an uninterrupted relationship at the hospital if they so desire without any buyouts. 

The ICP credentialing team runs detailed and comprehensive investigations on each provider looking for reg flags before even sending the ICP internal application to the provider. The team checks the status of medical license in all states where provider has been licensed, completes a background check and verifies board certification/eligibility. Next, they complete an OIG Query, EPLS/SAM and a basic Google search. After the completed ICP application has been returned, the team proceeds with additional searches and inquiries including verifying the NPI Number, querying the National Provider Databank, verifying status with AOA (DO)/AMA (MD) and checking with the FSMB.

ICP has improved the quality of care and the patient experience in each emergency department with which we work. A hallmark of our service is our desire to establish relationships with other service lines so that we can contribute to the effective operations of the entire hospital.

For a large volume facility in Florida, the ICP team managed to achieve significant metric improvements including decreased LWOTs and decreased ED wait time. The solution was found in effective recruiting tactics that led to being nearly fully recruited within the first 120 days. In addition, these improvements were achieved despite the inpatient unit being under construction at the time.

While healthcare is part of the “experience” sector, patient service needs are quite unique and demanding. For example, while theme parks attempt to meet the emotional needs of a family for amusement, healthcare must attend to the deeper emotional needs of those in pain, stress, suffering, and tragedy.

ICP is dedicated to building a culture of patient-centered excellence beginning with leadership and manifested through the actions of the providers and staff. We support service excellence fundamentals:

With the ever-growing need to meet hospital metrics, ICP  works with the hospital to establish a metric-based bonus for providers.

Appropriate collection, monitoring and reporting of data is key to managing risk. Our systems provide insight into trends that could impact productivity as well as risk. The provision of actionable data that we use to enhance forecasting and predictability of strategic needs similarly provides information for identifying and mitigating risk. Successful risk mitigation also relies on having highly trained and engaged providers aligned with facility goals and cultivating leaders who understand how to build relationships.

Key factors that differentiate ICP from other emergency services practices include:

  • Local management being handled by decision-makers, not middle managers
  • A wealth of experience in emergency medicine and other hospital-based physician markets making hospital-wide improvement initiatives achievable
  • True financial transparency allowing for collaborative relationship
  • Organizational commitment to ongoing education and collaboration efforts for clinical effectiveness
  • Comprehensive clinical care programs that support individual hospitals’ goals to improve patient care and prevent unnecessary readmissions
  • Consultation to optimize the efficiency, financial performance and attending physician satisfaction for the facility

In the last two years, ICP has made a tremendous amount of progress in staffing facilities that were previously understaffed with other management groups. Of note, ICP was awarded a contract where a national incumbent had not presented a full-time candidate in nearly three years and relied on locum tenens providers to cover most shifts. Now the facility is nearly fully recruited.

The contracting process is typically completed in 90 to 120 days. However, in cases where staffing may be needed sooner, we can work with your organization to determine an appropriate timeline. Generally speaking, the first step in our contracting process would be to conduct a formal chart audit to obtain and validate revenue projections. Next, we would hold an on-site meeting between the selection committee and ICP to discuss the proposal and establish a process for financial transparency. Together, we will decide on a coverage model and financial arrangement and establish a timeline and start date.

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